Chemical Reactions

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Chemical Reactions Unit Resources
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Test Review

  1. Write an equation from a word problem and vice versa
  2. reactants and products
  3. write states of matter AND what they mean
  4. balance equations
  5. 5 types of reactions
  • Synthesis = 1 product
  • Decomposition = 1 reactant
  • Combustion = alkane and oxygen = water and carbon dioxide
  • single displacement = single metal and ionic compound
    • tool: activity series
    • The single metal can only take over the metal in the compound when it is higher in the activity series
  • double displacement = 2 ionic compounds, both reactants are aqueous
    • 1 product aqueous the other is either AID or S (ss)
    • metals(cations) switch places
tool: solubility table

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